When I first decided to launch a swimwear brand, I was encouraged by the strong community that has grown with me over the last decade. From my family back in the Bay, to my friends and family here in LA, each and every one represents not only a melting pot of ethnicities and backgrounds, but a plethora of shapes and sizes. I have always been focused on inclusivity and my immediate surroundings have supported my ability for me to push that agenda. 

Like many women around the world, I have struggled with not just weight, but self love and acceptance. We live in a time where we are never short of content, and constantly being force fed imagery and messaging that is not always conducive to the young developing mind. Like many others, I’ve fallen victim to this messaging and allowed it to make me question whether my image is “right”. This is exactly why I felt compelled to create a brand and develop a team that promotes positive and inclusive messaging, because I live this exact experience every day within my own community. I want to continue this with la'mariette from our new shopping experience to our sizing guide.

In addition to focusing on positive and inclusive messaging, we’ve had the opportunity as a brand to return manufacturing home to Los Angeles working to reduce our carbon footprint and refine our product. From dipping my toe in the swimwear pool, many valuable lessons have been learnt and arguably the most important of which are centered around sustainability. I am an every day girl from the Bay. I want to pay for a quality swim suit, at an affordable price, and know that it has been created with love, care and conscientiousness. Our generation has been exposed to too many brands that do not factor sustainability into their ethos - and we can no longer sit back and accept that. For me, la'mariette reflects my journey, my growth, and ultimately my elevation.  I know I deserve this, and so do you.


Always with love and gratitude,

Theresa Mingus